Why Us

Staying true to our company motto of “Your growth is our passion”, we are a company that offers a wide array of options when it comes to flexible workspaces in the major business districts of Dubai. We strive to provide an environment that drives a community of successful businesses. As such, we can help you comfortably settle your businesses in the country while reducing the major costs and hassles that come with setting up your own office premises.

Located in the prime business districts of Dubai, we are dedicated to provide only the best services and facilities for our clients at competitive rates. Understanding our clients’ needs and expectations, we are committed towards timely delivery of work in order to build long term and productive relationships.

Just give us a call and you can start setting up your workspace in as little as an hour. Setting up a business in Dubai is greatly rewarding, but also quite expensive. This is due to the competition among many companies that also aim to establish their businesses here. In light of all these, we have a wide variety of services to save you time and money on office setup and maintenance while providing an enabling and professional image and workspace. We have spacious offices, luxury workstations, state of the art conference rooms, interview and board rooms, the best IT infrastructure, and guest areas with dedicated receptionists. Our staff are also experienced and highly trained as secretaries, receptionists, and security personnel. The expansion of our clients’ businesses is our priority.

Savings on operating costs.

All-in-one rates include a comprehensive suite of services and benefits, including reception services, IT and telecommunications services, etc.

Flexible rental contracts.

Business renters do not need to sign up for long-term rentals or business setup services if they only need temporary office space.

Secure facilities.

SBC is equipped with 24/7 security, including CCTV camera coverage in common areas as well as security guards who are constantly on-site.